How to Fix a Clogged Toilet With a Toy – Easy Steps

Most parents of young children know when it’s too quiet, it usually means trouble. If you’re a parent who found a toy in your toilet, don’t panic yet. Follow these tips to deal with it. The issue could be big, like a major clog or a sewer line problem. If you act fast and right, you can prevent real damage. Your toilet may get clogged, and tears might fall. But, act fast to get the toy out with the right tools.

Key Takeaways

  • Avoid using a plunger to remove a toy from a clogged toilet, as it can push the toy further down the drain.
  • Try using a drain auger or snake to retrieve the toy from the toilet drain.
  • If the toy is visible, you can attempt to manually retrieve it using your gloved hand.
  • Consider using a makeshift hook or wire to fish out the toy if other methods fail.
  • Prevent future toy toilet mishaps by child-proofing the bathroom and teaching kids about what can and can’t go down the toilet.

Understanding the Predicament: Toy Flushed Down the Toilet

Toys don’t break down like toilet paper does. This is bad news for your plumbing. Flushing toys can block the pipes and cause big problems.

What Happens When a Toy Gets Flushed Down the Toilet?

Flushing a toy can lead to a pipe clog. This might cause water to back up. You could also hear gurgling, and smell bad sewage.

Signs of a Toy Stuck in the Toilet

Been flushing toys? You might hear gurgling and see water overflow. There’s also the smell of sewage. And don’t be surprised if you find your child near the toilet. An overflowing toilet shows something is blocking it.

Precautionary Measures: What Not to Do

When a toy goes down the toilet, avoid certain actions to prevent worse problems. The first rule is to stay away from a plunger. By plunging, you push the toy deeper. This makes unclogging tougher.

Avoid Using a Plunger

Using a plunger will just move the toys more. Therefore, never use a plunger to remove a toy from a toilet. It only makes the clog harder to fix.

Don’t Panic and Act Rashly

Toys stuck in pipes can cause big trouble in your toilet. It’s important to act fast, but don’t panic. Reacting too quickly can worsen the situation.

what not to do when toy stuck in toilet

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fix a Clogged Toilet With a Toy

First, grab some rubber gloves that cover your arms well. Take out as much water as you can from the toilet. Use a shop vac or a cup to move water into a bucket. This step helps the toy come out more easily and keeps things cleaner.

Use a Drain Auger or Snake

With an adjustable wrench, remove the toilet’s base bolts. Pull the toilet straight up and set it aside for a moment. Next, put the drain auger (also known as a closet auger) into the drain. Push it down the pipe until it stops. Turn the handle to catch the toy. Pull out the toy with the tool. Put the toilet back where it was.

Manual Retrieval: The Gloved Hand Method

If you see the toy and can’t get it with a tool, use your hand. Wear gloves and carefully reach into the drain.

Try a Makeshift Hook or Wire

Make a hook out of a wire hanger or a straightened paperclip if the toy’s hard to reach. Use it to pull the toy out.

How to Fix a Clogged Toilet With a Toy

Preventing Future Toy Toilet Mishaps

You know how to get a stuck toy out of your toilet now. If it seems too hard, call a local plumber for help. Preventing toy flushing in toilet and child-proofing toilet to avoid toy clogs is key.

Lock the toilet and close the bathroom door. Use a baby gate too. Tell your kids what’s okay to flush. And if pets are the problem, keep the lid down. If it’s not just a toy but other issues too, get your toilet checked. Have the drains cleaned regularly.

Child and Pet Safety Precautions

To make sure no toys go in the toilet, do more to childproof and pet-proof the bathroom. Put a lock on the toilet and keep the door shut. Use a gate to block the way.

Teach kids how to use the toilet right. And make sure pets can’t get near it. These steps will make toy flushing accidents less likely. They help keep your home safe too.

preventing toy flushing in toilet

When to Call a Professional Plumber

At first, you might wonder if you need a professional plumber for the toy in the toilet. Maybe the toy is stuck and you can’t get it out. Look for these signs of a more serious clog: loud gurgling from the toilet, water leaks at its base, always low water levels, and a smell from the drains.

Signs of a Serious Clog

Can’t get the toy out and you see the toilet’s giving warning signs? Time to call a plumber fast. If you ignore these signs, you might face big damage and repair bills later.

Persistent or Recurring Clogs

Maybe the problem isn’t just a toy, but your toilet clogs often. You should get your toilet checked and maybe repaired or replaced. Regular drain cleaning might be needed too. Dealing with frequent clogs can mean a serious plumbing issue, which a licensed plumber should handle.


Our little ones can make big messes, bless their hearts. Who hasn’t found toys in the toilet? It’s almost a rite of passage with kids. Now, you know how to remove a toy stuck in your toilet. If it’s too tricky, a quick call to a plumber will sort you out.

The key is fast action and using the right stuff to fix the toy trouble. The longer a toy sits in the pipes, the more it will block things. By using the steps we shared, you can unclog your toilet and have it working again. This saves time, money, and a lot of worry.

To dodge future clogs, focus on being proactive. Make your bathroom safe for kids. Teach them to keep the toilet lid closed and to be careful. With a little work upfront, you can avoid many headaches. Your plumbing will be happy, and your home will be stress-free.


What should I do if my child flushes a toy down the toilet?

Don’t panic if a toy gets flushed. Act fast. But don’t use a plunger. Using a plunger can make things worse.

First, get rid of any water in the bowl. You could try a drain auger or use a snake to catch the toy. Or, wear gloves and gently try to get it out.

What are the signs that a toy is stuck in the toilet?

Signs of a problem include strange plumbing sounds, water overflow, and a sewage smell. You might also see your child near the toilet if a toy got stuck.

Why should I never use a plunger to remove a toy from a clogged toilet?

A plunger is not good for toys in toilets. It can make the toy move deeper. It makes fixing the issue harder.

Plungers help with toilet paper clogs, not toys. They are not for solid items.

How can I prevent future toy toilet mishaps?

Stop toys from going down with a toilet lock. Keep the bathroom door shut. Add a baby gate too. Also, teach kids what they can flush.

If you have pets, keep the toilet lid down. Pets can push toys in.

When should I call a professional plumber for a clogged toilet with a toy?

Call a plumber if you can’t get the toy out. Especially if you see other big clog signs. Like loud gurgling, water leaks, or sewage smells.

For any recurring toilet problems, a plumber should do an inspection. They might need to fix something.

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